[3830] RSGB Jubilee ZC40DW(G0DEZ) SOMixed LP

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Sun Jun 9 03:08:44 EDT 2002

                    RSGB Jubilee Contest

Call: ZC40DW
Operator(s): G0DEZ
Station: ZC4DW

Class: SOMixed LP
QTH: Eastern SBA
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   20:  235     4
   15:  253     7
   10:   70     2
Total:  558    13  Total Score = 36,270

Club: Eastern Sovereign Base Amateur Radio Club


First 6 hours, and 500 QSO's in the log.

Nice rates - 130/hr on CW for the 5th hour which was better than IOTA contest,
more of a struggle on SSB.

500 QSO, but 10 mults to show for it - pathetic.

Lot of support from the Europeans; participation was building from Japan.

Heaps of U.K. to be worked!!! BUT with the U.K. counting for 1 mult, I totally
lost interest after 6 super hours.

Condx seemed good enough to make around 2,000 QSO - but the scoring system did
not appeal to me I'm afraid.

Thanks to RSGB for sponsoring the contest, and at least showing the courage to
run a completely new contest. Must do something about those U.K. mults in any
future event however.

100 W

Managed to watch Lewis-Tyson. Hope there's a re-match.


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