[3830] CORRECTION: IARU FD CW S55A/P Multi-Op Open HP

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Sun Jun 9 11:03:15 EDT 2002

                    IARU Region 1 Field Day, CW

Call: S55A/P
Operator(s): S55A, S53Z, S56A, S57AD, S57RW, S59KW, S58O, S57UKE, S57NWT, BORA, WILLY
Station: S55A

Class: Multi-Op Open HP
QTH: Gazon
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Countries
  160:   45      12
   80:   86      20
   40:  194      31
   20:  442      55
   15:  381      50
   10:  148      30
Total: 1296     206  Total Score = 881,062

Club: Slovenia Contest Club


Equipment:      Run    FT-1000MP & FL2100Z  (@ 400 W output)
                          Mult   FT-890 (barefoot)

Antennsa:       3 el. tribander @ 12m  
                          3 el. tribander @ 5m
                          160/80/40 single feed dipole @ 12m

Power generator 10 kW 

PC 486 (2) & TR 6.67          

Self-oscilating of home brewed amp (4CX1600A7 type tube) at Friday evening
erased a whole system at one of laptops, so we remained with two PCs and
amp only.  Though, we couldn't drain more than 400 W from it.  Excellent
conditions on 15 & 10 at Friday evening and Saturday morning, and excellent
start of the contest at 10 with huge pile-up, 128 Qs in the first hour (after
the start-up dust settled down),  and average 100 Qs/hour rates next few hours
on 15 an 20.  It was wonderful to be called by HS0/G4NOM on 10, KL7HF on 15 or
7Q7ES, TI3M and  8Q1J on 20. We were praised for having good signal on lower
bands, but S&Ping gave us better Qs/hour rates than CQing. :-)   Our
guru Mario, S56A (he already returned from CQ WPX xped to 3V8) done great job
chasing mults on 2nd station. Though, serious drawback was that we hadn't
another set of low band antennas at Mult station!  We really had lot of fun
I some headaches due to too much cold beers). 

See you in Region 1 Field Day SSB in September!

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