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Sun Jun 30 08:36:44 EDT 2002

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: OH4A
Operator(s): OH6QU
Station: OH4A

Class: SOSB20 HP
QTH: Nr. Salo
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
   20: 1996
Total: 1996  Prefixes = 778  Total Score = 3,222,476

Club: Contest Club Finland


It was the first attempt to work a contest with SO2R setup. Actually the setup
 was semi-SO2R because I did not have a separate antenna for radio 2. That
 resulted in that both radios were muted when either of them was on the air.
 Anyway it was a substantial improvement to my old setup that was based on
 a single TS-940S/AT. It was also nice to see that TS-850S/AT is performing
 better in a crowded band than TS-940S/AT i.e. I made a good investment.
 I set a goal to challenge the old OH record of WPX SOSB 20m HP that is just
 under 3.5Mpoints. In reality to break that record you need 2000-2200 QSOs
 depending on the amount of multipliers and the ratio between DX/EU QSOs.

 Very soon after the contest started I realized that it will be difficult to
 set a new OH record this year. The QSO rate was so lousy compered to ARRL DX
 Contest or even to CQ WW CW when the conditions were really poor. The
 from NA were booming in with good signals but the QSO rate was nothing to
 brag about. I did not have a single hour in the contest when the QSO rate
 have exceeded 100 QSOs/hour.      

 It was just abt. 100 QSOs and few multipliers that separated me from the new
 record. In the future it should not be too difficult to break the record when
 there are a bit more stations on 20m and conditions are more or less similar
 this time.

 Once again thanks for Jukka OH6LI and Merja for your hospitality and
 meals during the contest! Jukka's FT-1000MP was a great second radio to
 complete SO2R setup for the contest. 

 Thanks to everyone who worked OH4A!
 Kenwood TS-850S/AT
 Yaesu FT-1000MP
 Top Ten Devices DX Doubler (SO2R controller)
 Commander HF-2500/kW
 6 x 4 el monoband yagis in two fully rotable towers; 4 over 4 over 4 on 42m
 (140') tower and 4 over 4 over 4 on 45m (150') tower
 2 el delta loop fixed to EU at few meters above the ground

 Rest periods:

 Day 1
 0805 - 1139 z      3.34
 1356 - 1513 z      1.17    
 Day 2
 0603 - 0721 z      1.18    
 0802 - 1204 z      4.02   
 1319 - 1426 z      1.07   
 1525 - 1628 z      1.03   

 Rest periods total : 12.21

 73 and cuagn in next year,
 Jari OH6QU

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