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Tue Feb 18 06:56:51 EST 2003

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: N4KG
Operator(s): N4KG
Station: N4KG

Operating Time (hrs): 35

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    1     1
   80:   30    26
   40:  162    71
   20:  163    70
   15:  248    70
   10:  238    70
Total:  842   308  Total Score = 778,008

Club: Alabama Contest Group


Congratulations to George, K2DM, on a fine QRP victory.  I second his comment
that it never ceases to amaze me how I can break pileups with only 5 watts.
Packet pileups are the pits.  Thank God for memories in radios! 

It was fun collecting multiband contacts with the active stations.  
6 Bands:  ZF2NT
5 Bands:  CS6V    D4B    KH7X   N7OU/HI9    KP4KE    WP3R  TG0AA  TI5N
     V26G  V31DJ  VP5LP  VP9/W6PH  6D2YFM  6Y0T  P40T  PJ4G  9Y4TBG
4 Bands:  EA8BH  HT4T  JA8RWU  OA4DKC  P40Y  V47KP  VP9/K9CC     WP2Z  plus 25
Europeans  for 34 total 4 Banders
3 Bands:  FM5BH  KL7WV  P4/ K2LE  PJ7/ND5S  XE2/W5WMU  ZL1GO
                plus 3 JA's and 25 EU for 37 total 3 Banders

160 and 80M were TOUGH this year.  Only 5  EU worked on 80M.
40M was a BLAST with my highest band multiplier of 71 countries !
        LOVE my CC 2L40 at 95 ft.
20M was surprisingly good with low absorption during the day and a fair EU 
        sunrise opening Saturday morning (07-09Z).
15M was the QSO leader with incredible openings and signals.
10M was seriously impacted by lower sunspots and disturbance.  Openings
        to EU and JA were noticably shorter.  Only  worked  2  JA's.  I thought

        I was going to miss OH but OH6Y had a nice signal over the pole at

Murphy visited with a vengence this year.  Two intermittent cable / connector
failures at 0130Z Saturday (Friday night local) required cabling the radio
directly to the antenna switches and replacing the wattmeter after I broke a
sensor wire while connecting cables.  Antenna maintenance revealed two broken
rotor terminal strips and a broken cable on my a backup high band aluminum
dipole.  My SE TH3 became unusable when rain collected in the traps and I had to
shut down twice when lightning / thunder was shaking the house !  

The 20M EU opening  at 07-09Z  reduced my planned 3 hour nap to 1.5 hr total for
Fri night, adding to my sleep deprivation due to only 5 hours Wed and Thurs.  I
took LOTS of 15 to 30 minute breaks Sunday along with a 2 hour nap Saturday
night just to keep going.  On the bright side, my new mechanical heart valve
kept on ticking with NO problems during or after the contest :-) 

Antennas are as follows:

160M  Elevated GP (140 ft Rohn 25)
80M    Dipole aimed NE / SW at 130 ft plus Wire Vertical in woods
40M    CC 2L40 at 95 ft plus Dipole aimed 150 / 330 degrees at 90 ft
20M    Telrex 3L20 at 75 ft   
15M     CC 4L15 at 55 ft
10M     5L10 at 62 ft
plus      TH7 at 40 ft locked East (rotor dead)
            TH3 at 50 ft fixed  SE (unusable during rain)
            TA32 at 60 ft fixed South

Single FT990 radio.  Memories REALLY help keep track of mults / pileups.

I envied K2DM's  SO2R setup.  Obviously the way to go.
I just need to get busy and fix the stack of broken radios!

Tom  N4KG / QRP

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