[3830] WiQP W9HB Multi-Op Mobile LP

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Thu Mar 13 19:21:31 EST 2003

                    Wisconsin QSO Party

Call: W9HB
Operator(s): KF9D & W9HB
Station: W9HB

Class: Multi-Op Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   51       
   40:  306      8
   20:  260       
    2:          25
Total:  617     33  Mults = 80  Total Score = 161,540.0



By the hour:
1800  74
1900  83
2000 112
2100  94
2200  74
2300 101
0000 112

avg 92.8 qso/hr

Really enjoy the high level of cw activity in this QSO Party.  No time to rest
or get bored or even to eat ones lunch, can't even spend much time gazing at the
fine winter scenery.  The saturday trip to Eau Claire was an adventure in the
freezing rain and slippery roads.  Mounting the antennas sunday morning with the
temperature at minus 7 and the wind at 15 mph was a real challenge!!  Ahh those
Wisconsin winters!!((guess it could have been minus 27))  The roads(except for
the county highways) were in good shape even with the blowing snow on sunday. 
Murphy was frozen and moving too slow to get in on our operation, so our luck
held and nothing broke during the contest.  
Thanks to WARAC for promoting this event!!

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