[3830] Anatolian RTTY VE7ASK Single Op LP

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Sun May 18 15:14:58 EDT 2003

                    Anatolian RTTY Contest

Call: VE7ASK
Operator(s): VE7ASK
Station: VE7ASK

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4.5

 Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults
   20:  40   460    25
   15:   1    10     2
Total:  41   470    27  Total Score = 12,690



Not much to write home about this time... just wasn't able to put out a signal
anyone could hear. Heard a lot more than I was able to work. Managed just 1
contact on 15M, heard nothing on 10, 40 or 80. Not a lot of activity, overall.

Down comes the homebrew hex, up goes the tribander (by the end of today, I
hope). The 27-foot boom wire yagi gives me one more element on 20M, which is
where things are happening in contests at this part of the cycle.

Need to get things going for next weekend's WPX CW. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for the QSOs. 73,

-- Bud, VE7ASK

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