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Sun Nov 2 08:19:31 EST 2003

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: YL4U
Operator(s): YL1ZF YL2LY
Station: YL2LY

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 40

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  226     7       45
   80:  848    13       66
   40:  484    15       66
   20:  692    30       94
   15:  535    27       97
   10:  690    29      110
Total: 3475   121      478  Total Score = 3,158,527

Club: Latvian Contest Club


Contest 'achievements'

* local electricity blackout for couple hours just after the start, so our
contesting vivacity felt down immediately
* Both of us had to work full day before the test, no time to take a nap
before competition.
* blister on my tongue because voice keyer became out of order. We are CW
op`s and SSB is just for fun so skin on my tongue is thiner than permanent
SSB ops have. Seems to be they have equally thick skin as on their tongues
as on their heelpieces
* multiplier position`s PA burned. It was like a new year`s fireworks with
special sound and fume effects. Very breathtaking for kids but our second
position became unusable. That accident for sure affected our multi score
besides our contesting vivacity like a communist party jumped somewhere
underground and didn`t return back up to the end of competition :)
* rooter was making so big noise that it was impossible to operate lowbands
while internet connection was on. We did lowbands 160-40 without cluster
* totaly 40 hours of operating utilizing only 3 el 3-bander & wires for
running station, and FD4 for multipliers until equipment burned. A bit
similar to WRTC style only high power was used.

Funy part of contesting

Guys! Is really letter 'Y' so unreadable when spelled as 'Yankee'. True plot
follows, but I`ll not name a real call of that man, of course.

A: CQ contest QQ9Q
B: Yankee Lima Four Uniform
A: Ehhhh... who is Lima Four Uniform?
B: Yankee Lima.... Yokohama London Four Uniform
A: ups.... negative! Once again your prefix, please!
B: (what a hell....) This is Young Lady For You!
A: Wow! Roger! Young Lady For Me ur 59.... ekhhh.... pshaw.... Yankee Lima
Four Uniform ur 59 00....

73`s and see you WW CW de  YL1ZF/C53ZF
P.S. By the way, Murphy, y`re welcome, too!

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