[3830] SS CW W7UQ(KL9A) School Club LP

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Sun Nov 2 17:33:19 EST 2003

                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: W7UQ
Operator(s): KL9A
Station: W7UQ

Class: School Club LP
QTH: University of Idaho
Operating Time (hrs): 17:45

 Band  QSOs
   80:   49
   40:   62
   20:  184
   15:  204
   10:  244
Total:  743  Sections = 77  Total Score = 114,422

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Great first day and great beginning of the 2nd day.  1k q's was doable for sure.
 The solar flare killed all hopes of that for me.  A solid half hour of no q's,
then 2 more in the next half hour or so.  It came back, but the east coast was
really weak and not runable.  Not many singals from anywhere that were over s5
after that.  For those of you keeping track, yes, I quit. :)

Got spanked on the low bands, but just could not make it up after that flare.

Had packet going, I figured since I was allowed, I might as well turn it on.  It
made me stupid.  I was always more worried about the competition than myself. 
40 was weird, 80 was good.

Let the smoke out of the 2nd radio about an hour before the contest.  It worked
fine 2 days earlier.  It don't work no mo.

Missed VY1, VO1, and ND.  I heard VY1JA's pileup on saturday (and saw him
spotted) but figured I'd just work him on sunday.  Heard ND call someone on 40m
really weak, and about 10 guys asked him to move up, but he never showed.  Out
of all the VO1's spotted on 20-10, I NEVER Heard one!  Not a single thing.

I actually enjoyed the time on I had until the very last 2 hours or so.

-Chris KL9A

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