[3830] SS CW AB2E SO Unlimited HP

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Sun Nov 2 19:27:59 EST 2003

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Call: AB2E
Operator(s): AB2E
Station: AB2E

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 15

 Band  QSOs
   80:  154
   40:  135
   20:  218
   15:  101
   10:    4
Total:  612  Sections = 78  Total Score = 95,472

Club: Frankford Radio Club


Activity seemed low this year. Worked a number of past Big Guns on Sunday with
very low Q numbers. Missed NT and AK.
Great to work quite a number of recently licensed ops, especially on CW! Quite a
lot of 00,01,and 02 CKs.
Thanks to all who worked us.

73 Darrell AB2E

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