[3830] SS CW K4OJ(@W1CW) Multi-Op HP

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Mon Nov 3 08:22:39 EST 2003

                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: K4OJ
Operator(s): K4OJ, N4KM, W1YL, K1TO
Station: W1CW

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:   15
   40:  309
   20:  566
   15:  194
   10:  116
Total: 1200  Sections = 79  Total Score = 188,652

Club: Florida Contest Group


Found a lot of antenna problems too late, fortunately friends K1TO and N4KM
helped fix enough of them to allow an effort...

Ended up replacing several feedlines and then found a major one that was hosed
(water cam out of it when undone at the base of the tower, ouch!) - this same
antenna was working fine in WW SSB, phone operation must have broke it! The main
15 meter antenna was not working, had to use a beam fixed on Europe (as in the
only SS QSOs in that direction are in Dayton Beach) - could tell 15 was hot but
unfortunately could not do battle serious there...

40 never took off like usually does in SS - probably got there too late since 20
was carrying the load...

NA performed flawlessly again in SS - think this is like 10 or 12 SSes in a row
using it with no crashes... never changed the mult file, since we missed VY1JA
for the second year in a row it did not matter!

Wait til next year...

Thanks K1TO for replacing rotor on the 40, etc - and N4KM for doing the ten
meter feedline... dunno what I would have done without their help.


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