[3830] SS CW N9CO(@W0AH) Single Op LP

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Mon Nov 3 10:14:53 EST 2003

                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: N9CO
Operator(s): N9CO
Station: W0AH

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Colorado
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  090
   40:  225
   20:  260
   15:  287
   10:  147
Total: 1009  Sections = 78  Total Score = 157,404

Club: Pikes Peak DX Group


Every contest is an adventure, and this one was no different.  Although I missed
my pre-contest goal of 1100 q's and a sweep, I am still pleased with the
results.  I'm sure that a better op would have easily beaten this goal.

I battled Murphy during the first few hours when my trusty and battle-proven
TS930 (w/PIEXX) experienced thermal shutdown and wouldn't transmit.  I must have
cycled power a dozen times or more in the first 2 hours before putting an
external fan next to back of the rig.  Then there was the quirky behavior of TR
v6.78; first it would mysteriously put me into S&P mode while running, then it
quit logging my frequency.  I took a few minutes to install v6.74 and all was FB
after that.  All this happened when 10 and 15 were experiencing fantastic
conditions, and rate was there for the taking.

I want to thank my host Doug, W0AH, and his wife Judy for their wonderful
hospitality and making me feel at home.  A guest operator couldn't have asked
for more.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  It was great feeling loud again,
thanks to Doug's antenna farm.

W0AH is:

80m:  Delta Loop and Hy-Tower, beverages on rx.
40m:  2el Cushcraft 402-CD
20m:  3el @ 90'
15m:  5el @ 50'
10m:  5el @ 25'

All at a commanding QTH at 9000' asl just west of Colorado Springs.  Off time
was spent Sunday in awe of the scenery.

Top 10 sections worked:

1.  IL  (71)
2.  SCV (47)
3.  OH  (45)
4.  VA  (36)
5.  MI  (34)
6.  WI  (33)
7.  MDC (31)
8.  MN  (31)
9.  EM  (27)
10. NC  (26)

Congrats to all the contest clubs for getting their members on.  It should be an
interesting race for the Unlimited gavel.

73 es tnx fer all the qso's,
Charlie  N9CO

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