[3830] SS CW K6ZH Single Op LP

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Tue Nov 4 10:14:11 EST 2003

                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: K6ZH
Operator(s): K6ZH
Station: K6ZH

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  QSOs
   80:   54
   40:  191
   20:  167
   15:  216
   10:  122
Total:  750  Sections = 79  Total Score = 118,500

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Humbug!  I made a last minute decision to go with 'A' instead of 'U' entry
class, and that cost me a coffee mug!  I thought for sure that with 79 sections
in the log by breakfast time on Sunday that a sweep was at hand.  But VY1JA had
a terrible struggle with band condx and just couldn't get to us most of Sunday. 

'Twas nice to have 10 meters open, especially during the first hours of the

73 to all - Jim, K6ZH

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