[3830] WAE RTTY VA7ST Single Op LP

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Sun Nov 9 21:57:24 EST 2003

                    WAE DX Contest, RTTY

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Pts  QTCs  Mults
   80:    3   0      0    12
   40:   14   0      0    14
   20:   34   0      0    28
   15:   39   0     20    34
   10:   22   0     90    22
Total:  112   0    110   120  Total Score = 26,640



Rig : FT920 100w max., N1MM Logger

Antennas : DF4SA Spider Beam @30 ft., G5RV @30 ft., 18AVT/WB trap vertical on

Score total should be correct, but I am not sure how to indicate the "Pts"
column -- software didn't break out the points-by-band or QTC tallies quite the
way this form asks for them. Wasn't hard to count up the QTCs by hand, though.


The entire weekend was tough going here. Had to really work the bands to get
anything. Day 1 was FAR better than Day 2. 

Score, mults and QSO counts were all down from last year, despite better metal
in the air. Propagation just wasn't what it was, but I am hoping for a miracle
between now and Nov. 29, hi.

Thanks to a nice run with Japan early Saturday evening on 10 and 15, I managed
to exchange a few QTCs. Signals were quite strong so for a while I made a point
of asking just about anyone I worked. Still wasn't able to send all I had,
although a few who declined RQTC were OK with sending me their QTCs.

Had one computer glitch that lost a QSO with a fine JA operator -- and the 10
QTCs he had sent me. Couldn't recover the info, (must always remember to tell
MMTTY to save to text file) so they're lost for good. Could have used the
points, too! 

Had hoped to see 10 and 15 alive again on Sunday afternoon, but both were rather
dead here. 15M sounded to me like it was suffering from PCA absorbtion, with
very little noise, but signals not strong enough to copy. Like someone put a
pillow over the band. Same thing on both the beam and the doublet, so it wasn't
an antenna problem. 10M had more noise, but just as few readable signals.

Took lots of breaks, and closed things out on Sunday afternoon by 22:30z with
half an hour of calling on 20M, netting four or five close-in stations (6s, 7s
and 0s).

Did work ZF2NT as my final QSO at 2227z. I had been hearing him all weekend but
couldn't make the contact happen. Guess he had the beam pointed to the Pacific
Northwest in that last part of the contest -- I tried calling a few times to no
avail, then realized I was on Antenna B (G5RV). Hit the antenna switch and he
heard me first crack with spider beam.

I want to make a special note of thanks to the N1MM development team for their
amazing dedication to this freeware program. It took a lot of time and effort
just to code the WAE QTC functions over the past few weeks. Then, even with the
contest under way, Rick (N2AMG) and Tom (N1MM) continued to release
enhancements. Things aren't yet perfect, but I knew that going in -- and this
contest really put the code through a trial by fire. I, and many others I am
sure, really appreciate the huge amounts of time, effort and expertise being
offered so freely.

See lots of you in SS Phone and then the BIG ONE -- CQWW CW! What a great time
of year!

-- Bud, VA7ST

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