[3830] SS SSB K8IR Single Op QRP

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Sun Nov 16 20:06:41 EST 2003

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Call: K8IR
Operator(s): K8IR
Station: K8IR

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:   38
   40:   83
   20:  160
   15:   27
   10:    3
Total:  311  Sections = 68  Total Score = 42,296



A weekend like this makes you long for the good old days, like
last year.  Even the CW weekend was better. This time, VE4,VE5,
and VE6 also disappeared, along with VY1 and AK! But at least on Sunday,
20 was working very well to both coasts, and 40 during the day
was working well for the midwest.  I guess now I appreciate
how good it was last year!

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