[3830] SS SSB K9GY(@K9GY/4) Single Op QRP

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Mon Nov 17 07:00:22 EST 2003

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Call: K9GY
Operator(s): K9GY
Station: K9GY/4

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: Alexandria, VA
Operating Time (hrs): 2:30

 Band  QSOs
   40:  35
   15:  28
Total:  63  Sections = 36  Total Score = 4,536

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Jerry KE9I convinced me to string something up from the apartment. So I ran out
to Radio Shack in MD (got stuck in VA-MD bridge traffic jam at 1930 ET on a
friday night!). Bought long wire ant kit (#278-0758) for $10 and a soldering
iron (#640-2066) for $6.50. Went to K-Mart and bought twine and wire cutter. Cut
antenna using 5" ruler, hah! 

First test was friday night out the 2nd floor window. Seemed ok but neighbors
walking the dogs would be a potential flash point. Decided to recon the garage
and felt the top floor of the garage would be better location. It's open air and
at the 5th floor level. 

Went to work (1500-0000 ET) on Sat. Came home to find 40/15m no good so went to
bed. Got up and took the equip to garage and set up. Antenna was NW/SE
orientation. Used WriteLog with battery powered computer. Hooked Yaesu FT-817 up
to the VW Passat power jack for 5 watts out. Parked the car right below coax
drop and put the coax through the car window. I sat in the back seat with the
radio, computer, and wireless mouse. Was able to work Qs from 16z-1830z then had
to take it all down and go back to work on Sunday. 

REAL field day style operation but was fun while it lasted. I was pleased that
some people even said I had a decent signal for QRP :-) It's amazing how nice
that FT-817 is! Really an enjoyable little package. Even had computer interface
to read freq from the radio into WL. 

Thanks to KE9I for the words of encouragement. 

They might be able to take the contester out of the contest but they can't take
contesting out of the contester, it's in our blood! CQ CONTEST! 

73, Eric 

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