[3830] SS SSB NJ4M(@K1TO) Multi-Op HP

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Tue Nov 18 22:18:58 EST 2003

                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

Call: NJ4M
Operator(s): K1TO, K4LOG, K8NZ, WD4AHZ
Station: K1TO

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:   94
   40:  784
   20:  484
   15:  433
   10:    2
Total: 1797  Sections = 80  Total Score = 287,520

Club: Florida Contest Group


We had considered 2 multi-single teams to maximize points for the FCG, but
decided at the last minute to all cooperate together with a single call.  Thanks
to Ron K8NZ, arm in a sling, for stopping in to get us off to a decent start and
for becoming the newest FCG member.  Richard K4LOG experienced running stations
for the first time and did well at it!  

It was the typical last-minute set-up flurry, swapping out a borrowed desktop
for a borrowed laptop, then swapping logging programs to NA when we could not
get the other program networked.  We literally were ready one minute before the

VY1 was rough for us, but J thanked US for the multiplier late Sunday, once we
could finally hear him and break through.  Kudos to J and also to the VY1MB
group for persevering in the face of tough condx!  VE4GV told us Saturday night
that we were the only station he was hearing on 40 - amazing.  

SFL was our last domestic mult!  No such thing as short skip for most of this

It seemed to us like the number of QRP stations was way down.  

Toughest "QSO":  Hate to RAT on this guy, but this sucKS...
- We call an N8*** on the 2nd rig.  
- He claims we are a dupe and wants to move on.
- We are sure it's not a dupe and there is no call close to his in the log, so
we ask for the QSO number that he received from us.  
- He tells us that number.
- We see a completely different station logged there, so we tell him that we
need to make a QSO now.
- He claims that "his logging software will not support dupes".
- We persist.   
- He gives in and gives us an exchange.
- We give our exchange and all is well.  Right?
- Nope.  He then gives the next station the same serial number he gave us, thus
wiping out our QSO.

So, what will happen?
We will both lose our QSOs for having serial numbers way off.  

Let this be a lesson that, IN SERIAL NUMBER CONTESTS, you must both have the
same "QSO" logged.  It's not enough to be logged at different times in SS, like
it would be for any QSOs on the correct band in CQWW, for example.

Looking forward to CQWW CW soon!  

73, Dan

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