[3830] SS SSB WF4DD(KG4CZU) School Club HP

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Wed Nov 19 08:12:49 EST 2003

                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

Call: WF4DD
Operator(s): KG4CZU
Station: W4NC

Class: School Club HP
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:   27
   40:  193
   20:   26
   15:   23
   10:    0
Total:  272  Sections = 59  Total Score = 32,096

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Best guess at my score having just the raw log data in front of me.  It's really
a bit of a pain to count everything by hand.

This was going to be a serious effort until I stayed up with my girlfriend on
Friday night much later than I intended, got up earlier than I intended, and
then went to a semi-formal with her from midnight to 2am on Sunday.  Needless to
say, after about 10 hours of sleep for the whole weekend, I scrapped Sunday
afternoon in favor of some sleep.

Things to do:  must retune sloper for closer to center of 75m for domestic
contests.  3830 is a good frequency of resonance for CQWW and other DX stuff,
but I found out that the tuner that I thought would stretch that range,

Thoughts on packet:  this is the first sweepstakes I've tried without packet,
and I think I can see everyone's point.  Though my score would have been higher
had I chased some mults, I worked about 10 more mults than I thought I would by
midnight on Saturday, and I feel pretty confident that between tuning around the
bands and calling CQ, I would have found at least 15 more.  I may never connect
the TNC again, at least for sweeps.

80m-Alpha/Delta Sloper @ 65'
40m-Force12 C4XL @ 70'
20m-Force12 C4XL @ 70'
15m Force12 C4XL @ 70'

Ten Tec OMNI VI+ driving Ten Tec Titan 425 amp

Hack college student who needs to work on staying awake for the entire contest
or finding somebody to relieve him.


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