[3830] SS SSB WO4R Single Op LP

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Wed Nov 19 15:10:54 EST 2003

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Call: WO4R
Operator(s): WO4R
Station: WO4R

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs
   80:   39
   40:   37
   20:  124
   15:   14
Total:  214  Sections = 62  Total Score = 26,536



A miserable weekend!  I had dismantled my station in prep for moving.  Had to
rig a couple of temp wire antennas.  Between the terrible noise on the bands and
my poor orientation, I didn't do that well.  Never even heard PAC, AK, NT, BC,
AB, SK, or NL.  Also missed some close by like SC, DE, KY, AL, etc.  Thanks to
all the patient operators who worked hard to dig me out of the mud.  Still, it
was fun as usual.  "I'll do better next year, hi, hi!"  Glenn, WO4R

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