[3830] SS SSB N2MF Single Op HP

B.Edward bedward at dreamscape.com
Wed Nov 19 02:18:32 EST 2003

                            SWEEPSTAKES SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 15-Nov-03, 16-Nov-03, 17-Nov-03

    Callsign Used : N2MF
         Operator : N2MF

         Category : SOHP - 24 Hours Operating Time

 Default Exchange : B N2MF 71 WNY

             Name : BRIAN EDWARD
          Address : 3000 HENNEBERRY RD
   City/State/Zip : JAMESVILLE NY 13078
          Country : United States

        Team/Club : SALT CITY DX ASSN

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80SSB     583         583       1166      15
   40SSB     542         542       1084      39
   20SSB     231         230        460      15
   15SSB      79          79        158      10

 Totals     1435        1434       2868      79

    Final Score = 226572 points.

Central NY seems to be a "consistent" location for Sweepstakes.  No matter 
what station improvements I make or what conditions are like, my score 
comes out more or less the same.  This year's propagation forced me to 
spend a lot of time on 40 and 80, which fortunately isn't a bad refuge from 
here.  80 was quite long on Saturday night, which also wasn't bad, but 
everything seemed to close up by 0800Z.  I've been plagued with an S9 24 
hour per day line noise coming from the North since our latest wind storm. 
 The Beverages really helped me cope with it, but I probably missed a few 

Propagation often seems one-way here on the higher bands, and this year it 
was especially so.  I'd check 15 and it would be pretty lively, but I 
couldn't generate much responses to CQing.  Did some S&P and I'd often be 
2nd or 3rd in the pile-up.  Returned to 15 later when the band sounded 
marginal and I got a good run of weak responses.  You just have to be on 
these bands during that limited window, otherwise retreat to 40.

Missed AK.  Kept tuning 20 for it but never heard one.  I found VY1MB, very 
fluttery and in my Nothern line noise, on 20 Sunday afternoon.  They peaked 
to about S2 for about three minutes and then faded away.  I was extremely 
lucky with that one.

Seemed as though I was able to find a clear frequency for CQing a little 
easier and definitely had my frequency stolen less this year.  That made 
the contest more fun.

I wonder what November 2004 will be like?
'Til then 73, Brian

Tower 1: C31XR @ 81', C31XR @ 52', 40/80 dipoles
Tower 2: 3 ele 40 @ 81', C31XR @ 50', 80m loop
(4) Beverages
(1) Radio

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