[3830] NAQP CW KE9R Single Op LP

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Sat Aug 7 23:21:16 EDT 2004

                    North American QSO Party, CW

Call: KE9R
Operator(s): KE9R
Station: KE9R

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
Total:  17     15  Total Score = 255


Team: Young Women in Contesting


KZ9O calls me up, yells incoherently that he is instituting the beer/QSO rule.

After calling me a California Girlie Man, among other things, I agree. 

I always get nervous that I won't be able to find a frequency at the start of
the contest. I wonder if I should have a beer to make myself easy. I realize 
it might hurt me in the long run, but determine the relaxation will be worth 

It hits the fan and I find I'm only transmitting sidetones in my headphones. 
I fix that, work my first QSO. Three more come quickly. I then suddenly get
confused and walk out of the shack. 

I pull myself together, sit down, and foucs. I work two more Q's. In the back 
of my head I know KZ9O can't be doing this well, not in his dreams. 

The next four QSOs blur by. 

I put my head in my hands and concentrate. Concentration becomes more like 
meditation and I wake up to the keyboard jammed and beeping. 

At this point I count the bottles and realize I'm up to 10 QSOs. I know KZ9O
can't be doing this well, but I realize he often comes from behind so I am
determined to keep driving the pile. 

The next six Q's happen at a rate of just 4/hr. I listen to the exchange of
the running station least 10 times before I call in. Sometimes they sound like
forest noises, sometimes it's like on I'm on the live fire range with Sgt
on the M2. I turn on the CW decoder. It makes no sense. I turn it off.

At this point I'm unsure how to save my log. I try to locate the manual for 
a half hour but realize I don't have one. I call up AF4QZ and he hangs up on

I log one more QSO in a stasis that was only possible because of my drive and
dedication to radio sport. Thank you all.

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