[3830] NAQP CW W3DOS(K9GY) Single Op LP

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Sun Aug 8 11:29:43 EDT 2004

                    North American QSO Party, CW

Call: W3DOS
Operator(s): K9GY
Station: W3DOS

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   37    23
   40:  137    39
   20:  141    41
   15:   47    23
Total:  362   126  Total Score = 45,612

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club



Located at the U.S. Dept of State in Washington, DC. 
Ninth floor location between the Kennedy center and the White House.
FT757GX with dipoles on roof at about 100+' and log periodic for 20 and 15m.

I decided to use "COLIN" since he's the man at the State Dept! 

The sidetone in the rig was rather loud and I could not find any knobs or button
on the radio to adjust...ouch! Time to eBay the four Icom IC-751 and 
three IC-AT500 in order to upgrade to a different radio, hah!  

More info on my contest adventure: 

It all started with an idea to setup portable QRP from a Delaware campsite with
electricity. My belief was that being in Delaware would attract some attention
the power level might not, hah! Unfortunately, the campsite was booked. Then
plans changed to using W3DOS for the whole contest. The week of the contest, I
was informed the K4AF antenna was up and working. SO… I decided to do a split
event between W3DOS and K4AF since they are only about 1-1/2 miles apart
separated by the Potomac River (about a 20 min trip from one station to the
other). Kind of thought that this would be a good try out for the Sweepstakes in

So left the apartment an hour before the contest started. Got the computer and
keyer set up with time to make a couple test QSOs before the contest starts. Had
a good three hours at W3DOS (172/58). No computer to radio or keying interface!
Had to send their call by hand and use the keyer for all the other stuff, hah!
So at 2050z prepared for the shift to K4AF. Packed up everything and eat my PBJ
and Gatorade in the car while driving between the two stations. Ah I love it
when a plan comes together! Wait Murphy is going to strike. 

Get to K4AF about 2120z and proceeded to check out what was happening with the
bands. Decided to try to get some 15m QSOs if possible before that band goes
out. Picked up some more on 20m then figured I would see how 40m were doing. 40m
was starting to show some good beginnings but then at 2327z Murphy visited. The
FT-1000 gave a progressively loud noise then a pop then shut down. So I decided
maybe it got a little hot and would give it a chance to cool off so used the
time to go to the washroom, hah! When I came back I decided I would try again.
The radio powered up, I worked another two QSOs then it happened again. So
figured that was the end of the FT-1000 for now. Now the plan was to stay at
K4AF for six hours then go back to W3DOS for the last three hours, so it’s a
little early in the plan to be closing up shop! So I hook up the TS-940 they
have there but it appears that the antenna may have a very high SWR now too. So
reluctantly I decide that the K4AF days in this contest are over. This was
really bad timing as it was getting to be around 7:30pm locally and 40m would
have been a money band with the coming sunset! 

So pack up the stuff and head back to W3DOS earlier than planned. Get all set up
and going at 0044z (8:44pm local). Since there was no 40 or 80m activity from
W3DOS before leaving for K4AF, I am ready to make hay on the low bands! Ended up
working all the way until the contest ended at 2 am local. The four plus hours
in the evening nets 190 QSOs and 68 mults. Geez was 80 and 40 meters funky in
the last three or four hours. 

The goal was to be around 180-360 QSOs per site. Ended up with a combined total
of 471 QSO so looks like I was at the lower end of my goals. I had a ton of fun

I am even going to try WAE CW from W3DOS. 


73, Eric K9GY

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