[3830] EUHF Champ HG3G(HA3LN) CW Only LP

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Mon Aug 9 10:10:07 EDT 2004

                    European HF Championship

Call: HG3G
Operator(s): HA3LN
Station: HA3LN

Class: CW Only LP
QTH: Nagybereny
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   18            14
   80:  142            47
   40:  146            50
   20:  140            47
   15:   95            42
   10:   62            36
Total:  603     0     236  Total Score = 142,308

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


I asked a day off to prepare all things for the contest. I need hardly say
finished 15 minutes before the contest. 160m has immeasurable high SWR. I was
not so manful to try make more qso than 18 without burn out the IC-736. Anyway
I've lost a lot on 160m (and with starting on 15m). The 3 upper band has also
quite high SWR (1:2-3). The conclusion is tuning procedure needs more-more

- the button "4" on the keyboard was disappeared
- RFI on 40m to computer so I needed to straight keying :] ...was fun
- HA is not the best QTH for EU-HF. I've heard the OHs, LYs to make big run to
OK, OM which was impossible to copy for me
- poor activity from western Eu

This contest was edifying anyway and gave me a lot of experience.
How mustn't to do next...

Many thanks to my family for their help and to tolerate me this long weekend!!!
Big TNX to HA3FPL for let me use his IC-736!!!

Csaba HA3LN / HG3G

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