[3830] ARRL Aug UHF W0ZQ/R Rover HP

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Tue Aug 10 10:58:35 EDT 2004

                    ARRL August UHF QSO Party

Call: W0ZQ/R
Operator(s): W0ZQ
Station: W0ZQ/R

Class: Rover HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  222:   80    17
  432:   78    14
  903:   44     5
  1.2:   54     5
  2.3:   34     4
  3.4:   37     4
  5.7:   15     4
  10G:   32     3
Total:  374    68  Total Score = 168,504

Club: Northern Lights Radio Society


The NLRS put on a big effort this year with plans to have upwards of 13
non-captured non-grid circling rovers out and about.  The club promoted
"Rovermania" in conjuntion with the ARRL's UHF contest with the goal of
promoting activity and having fun.   Through the club we were able to loan out
equipment & antennas, share rover tips & ideas, coordinate (to some degree !),
and promote rover plans.  I think it all payed off.

W0ZQ/R activated twelve grids (EN15,25,35,14,24,34,13,23,33,12,22,32).  The
rovermobile was pretty simple; I copied the K0PG/N9ILT design of using a Radio
Shack 3' tripod mounted on a Yakama roof rack.   Mounted to that were small
yagis for 222 thru 3456.  5.7 and 10gigs required about 1 minute to set up at
each stop.  Here was the station:
222  120 watts to 4 ele
432  100 watts to 6' boom yagi
902   10 watts to 6' boom looper
1296  50 watts to 6' boom looper
2304   5 watts to 8' boom looper
3456  40 watts to 5' boom looper
5760 200mW to 13 dB horn
10gigs 6 watts to 22" offset dish

902 thru 5760 used one 2m IF rig with PTT controlled by +9vdc on the coax line
during XMT.   It simplifies the multiband approach and you can really QSY
through the bands quickly by just changing the coax switch.

Conditions were never very good, especially 432 which seemed to have poor
signals.   222 did rock ... what a band !   Some of the highlights:
*)  Working a couple of long 110 mile or so paths on 5760 with just 200mW and a
13 dB horn.   
*)  Working lots of stuff on 222 with just a 4 ele yagi and 120 watts.
*)  Handing out new grids on the high bands at 4:00 AM Sunday morning.
*)  Working "the big guns" on 10gigs every where I went.
*)  Working CW on those weak signals.

Some of the low lights included not working more multipliers.  I should have
done a better job of looking for new stations.   I know that I missed some guys
out there, especially other rovers when they were in grids that I needed.   I
also need to figure out how to get all the mosquitos out of my dome light

In a "man-bites-dog" story, the only law enforcement I saw was the one that I
stopped in Wesley, Iowa, to ask for directions.

73's Jon

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