[3830] WAE CW VA7ST Single Op LP

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Sun Aug 15 21:54:19 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   20:   64    58    46
   15:   38    42    30
Total:  102   100    76  Total Score = 15,276



* FT920
* 2 ele. wire tribander (TU VE7CA)
* EU-facing 80/40/20 dipoles at 70'

Didn't expect much out of this weekend's contest -- with a few wires and no
aluminum in the air, it can be a tough slog working anything but the big EU
contest stations, and QTCs are even tougher. 

I figured I'd do a bit better now that we've moved to a new QTH where the wires
are a lot higher and I have a clear horizon to EU, but still haven't picked up
and installed the tower and beam I bought in April. Summer's running out on

Saturday, didn't hear a lot on 15m so stuck to 20 for a couple of hours. Sunday
morning I flipped to 15 and was very surprised to hear many LOUD EU stations. 

Total operating time was officially 5.06 hours -- but it was very fragmented,
spread out over about 8 sessions in the shack. When I ran out of workable
stations, I walked away and took the wife, kids and dog to the beach (Friday
evening), watched the Olympics (Saturday morning) and -- do NOT spread this
around -- went to bingo with my wife and mother-in-law on Saturday night. I've
never been to bingo before. Now I know why: RF burns are more fun.

Despite not keeping my butt in the chair, I am improving in WAE. My first three
tries at WAW CW show the following results:

Year   Points  QSOs  Mults  QTCs
2002    1,404    41     28     0
2003    3,502    58     18    51
2004   15,276   102     76   100 (claimed)

N1MM made QTCs a breeze. Managed to send almost all I had, and conditions were
so good there were very few fill requests.

I am happy with this year's result, considering the time and antennas. Looking
at other scores, it's clear yet again that mults kill me. Can't tap into that
second and third tier of EU stations. Tuning 20m and 15m on Sunday afternoon, I
didn't hear many stations I hadn't already worked.

The constant, incremental improvement is sure fun to work on and see results

Thanks for the contacts.

73, Bud VA7ST

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