[3830] WAE CW LZ9W M/S HP

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Mon Aug 16 08:41:24 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: LZ9W
Operator(s): LZ1ANA , LZ1UQ , LZ1ZD , LZ2CJ , LZ2HM , LZ2PO , LZ2UU , LZ3FN , LZ4AX , LZ5VK
Station: LZ9W

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
Total: 1344  2206   631  Total Score = 2,236,264



Claimed score before logs merger.
Score will probably go slightly up after logs merging.

This participation was initiated by Alex LZ4AX ( known as op of K3CR ) and was
not planned well ahead. In spite of this it was fun for everyone of us - lot of
sunshine, nice water in the pool and a lot of good food at the restaurant at
LZ9W QTH :-))) (LZ1ZD's hotel and restaurant nr Breznik - www.qsl.net/lz9w ).

10m was poor as expected with few short openings to Asia, South America and even
USA :-) ! 15m was "so and so" . 20m was the band - constantly open. 40m not so
good as expected. 80m - good first night.
Missed few African multies due to having a mountain peak right in this direction
( nothing is perfect in this world :-) ).
First day was OK, but a lot of CQing with no takers on second day.
Seems ham radio is getting some fans in China - good news for those of us here
in most Eastern part of Europe.(may be they will replace these 1000s of JAs we
are currently missing especially on 15m from this part of EU)

Thanks for the Qs and QTCs to all who called LZ9W in this one. See you probably
in WAE SSB 2004 agn.

Equipment and Antennas

80m - IC746 - ACOM 2000 A - 2 el. phased Inv.Vees 20 m above ground
40m - IC 746 - "Chopper" HB PA - 2 el monobander (HB9CV)
20m - TS850S - Alpha 91 b - 6 el OWA monobander - dipole
15m - IC746 - ACOM 2000 A (80m set up) - 6 el OWA monobander, vertical dipole
10m - FT890 - TL 922 - 7 el OWA monobander ( no rotator :-( )

Mult stn - IC746 - Acom 1000 - KT34A on military 12m mast, dipoles 40 & 80m

See you all in next one.

73 Wally LZ2CJ on behalf of LZ9W Contest Team

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