[3830] WAE CW JA1BPA Single Op LP

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Mon Aug 16 22:43:26 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: JA1BPA
Operator(s): JA6-9330
Station: JA1BPA

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Downtown Tokyo
Operating Time (hrs): 34

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:    3     3     8
   40:   35    35    57
   20:  175   175    60
   15:  146   146    62
   10:    6     6     8
Total:  365   365   195  Total Score = 142,350

Club: University of Tokyo Contest Club (UTCC)


My first serious attempt at the WAE contest from my home in downtown Tokyo.  The
propagation seemed much better than expected, considering where we are in the
solar cycle.  Contesting in the middle of a city of 12 million people is never
easy.  With S5~7 noise all the time on 15mb, I apologize to many stations for
requesting the call sign or the serial number again and again.  I hope to see
you all in All Asian SSB Contest in September from JG1ZUY or JM1LPN.

de JA1BPA/JA6-9330 (Icko)

* Working DA0WAE, LY7Z and DL4FAY on 10m.  What a pleasant surprise!
* First-ever QSOs from my current QTH with European (UA and UR) stations on 80m
(thanks to my new magnetic loop).  Nothing much for big guns, but still an
achievement for someone living on the small land of 57 sq. meters. 
* Working 3A2MD in the final hours.

* S5~S7 noise on 15m all day (as usual).  Shame on me for being deaf!
* Very low activity of British stations compared with the IOTA Contest.  Last
year there were M5X and GU7X, but this year I did not hear any one-letter suffix
contest call from Britain.  Was it because of the propagation?

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