[3830] WAE CW DD1IM Single Op LP

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Tue Aug 24 05:59:16 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: DD1IM
Operator(s): DD1IM
Station: DD1IM

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
Total:  59    150    81  Total Score = 16,929



Hi all, pse consider me for the following category: single op, cw, low power,
As a CEPT-class-2-licensee (i.e. without official telegraphy exam) since 1979 I
started cw in oct 2003 (tnx WRC03) & contesting in nov 2003. This is my 1st
WAEDC-CW. Due to time problems I could only operate on sunday evening (59 QSOs,
150 QTCs). Agn my call has been a "handicap" - the prefix "DD" is still not
popular enough in cw - abt 60 percent requests concerning my prefix - many stns
gave me "DL" or "DK" - pse look for DL1IM or DK1IM-qsos... it should be DD1IM's.
Being more active in cw-contests I hope to achieve a better ratio, hi. But it
has been a great contest with great hams (thank you all for the contacts - some
hispeed :-))) - I enjoyed it! 
Tnx also for your work and the contest - hpe participate agn.
Vy 73/55, gl es cwfe de Sascha DD1IM (member of DARC, DOK K27)

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