[3830] WAE CW IR2V(I2WIJ) Single Op LP

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Tue Aug 24 11:17:30 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: IR2V
Operator(s): I2WIJ
Station: I2WIJ

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 34
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   23    20    64
   40:   66    65    69
   20:  208   387   108
   15:  163   285    96
   10:   14    10    22
Total:  474   767   359  Total Score = 445,519

Club: MCC -Marconi Contest Club


First time ever SO2R! What a nice experience!

Let me thank Fabio, I4UFH, for lending me his own
prototype of EZMaster, for a final test.
Shipping of this product will start at the end of August.
Check the http:\\www.hamradiosolutions.com website.

It performed flawlessy for the whole contest.
Just the op (me) was not at the same quality level!

Apologise to the many that called me and thought I was
a LID. I'll do better next time.
If I make a comparison with the last year WAECW, apart the possible
differences in propagation and in participation (I felt lower this year),
I had a total   424 + 802  and  333 for a  408,258 declared score.
I made 10% more mults and a 10% more in total score.
Is this result, for a SO2R beginner, in line with the expectations?
I would like to have some comments from SO2R masters!
Thank you in advance.

My setup conditions were very cheap.
True LP at my country qth.
775DSP and 706MkII
Cushcraft R7 (10-40) and HyGain 12AVQ (10-20)
and 80M dipole at 40 feet
EZMaster, Dell Laptop W2000, N1MM Logger 4.0.99.

Great fun in copying those qtc's.
Many DX were hurted for the repeat requests and
sent very fast always.
No problem, TU anyway.

To K5ZD: how can we ask you for qtc's when you're CQing with no answers?
You know, you are loud and your pileup is always there!

Thanks to KC1XX for calling me on 15M asking to move on 10.
I was not able to copy them, but 5 kc up there was a loud D4B for a
5 bands sweep!. (I had moved Al to 10M one hour earlier but 
there was no signs then!)

73 and thanks for the qso's+qtc's!

Bob, I2WIJ (IR2V in WAECW)

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