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Sun Aug 29 09:27:54 EDT 2004

                    SCC RTTY Championship

Call: LA6FJA
Operator(s): LA6FJA
Station: LA6FJA

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Raufoss
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:  122   250    45
   40:  206   449    53
   20:  452  1061    61
   15:   85   224    46
   10:    1     3     1
Total:  866  1987   206  Total Score = 409,322

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Very Great Contest!Low Activity in 80 and 40m
Nice QSO 5U7B in 40m and KH6 20m. ZL JA on LP 40m.

1th SO2R effort, could not fix network. but it worked ok with 2 x PC
Radio's; Kenwood TS850(R2) + TS 2000(R1)
Amp: Ameritron AL80 + Amp Supp Co. LK500
Antenna: Twr 1# KLM KT34XA 6el 10 15 20 at 2m, Hygain LJ240BA for 40m at 28m
Twr 2# TH6DXX 10 15 20m @ 20m, Slooper 80 and 40m
+GP's 80m and 40m.

See you in CQ WW! My first SCC and not the last one! RTTY is fun!
And the best contest in Long time as i can remember.

73s Rag LA6FJA

I got mail from someone having a troubl with QRM from RTTY. it was pointed at me
I guess but there where a CROWDED band above 14100
Here is a copy of it, maybe it can remind to keep off 14105,
but it can be difficult since we have "wild Strategy" in contest and we keep on
from 14075 to 14115 khz....

"Dear Sir,
Please be informed 14.105 Mhz is the home of the NETWORK 105 HF packet net,
which is active in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. We are active on
that frequency 24/7 and you must surely have been hearing our packet signals, as
your RTTY signals were creating severe interference on this frequency. Further,
you created a huge pileup, which created further QRM  and basically shut down
our network this afternoon.
Kindly be more considerate of other users in future and do not QRM us. We do not
do that to you and we expect the same consideration."

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