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Tue Aug 31 02:11:39 EDT 2004

                    YO DX HF Contest

Call: LZ9R
Operator(s): LZ3YY
Station: LZ3YY

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Aitos
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   40    27
   40:   74    40
   20:  212    54
   15:   37    19
   10:    5     5
Total:  368   145  Total Score = 173,420



TS850SAT ;3el yagi;1/2 slopers

When droving home at saturday morning,a car accident occured due to
heavy traffic and rainy weather.Some Schumacher fan can't stop at time and
kick my car from back side,so I crash into previous car...Luckily
no major car damages,only some nervous people,including traffic police :).
So being home at 1200z I got a good nap and decided to give a try
for YO DX.Surprised with good participation and good condx.
This one missed me previous years,as I like RTTY and got into SCC RTTY
during same time slot.New SCC rules for this year preventing me
to participate as WF1B software can't write exact freq. for every QSO. 
Who cares where you are CQ'n on 14080 or 14083?  E-mail to SCC is
still unanswered...

Many thanks to all YO friends and next year will be more active.

73, Nasko LZ9R

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