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Sun Feb 22 16:55:07 EST 2004

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: N4GN
Operator(s): N4GN
Station: N4GN

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 37
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   78    50
   80:  150    65
   40:  421    73
   20:  519    79
   15:  702    88
   10:  363    75
Total: 2233   430  Total Score = 2,832,840

Club: Kentucky Contest Group


I really wanted to go all out for this one, but several things conspired against
me getting enough sleep during the week, so my battery was already very low at
the start of the contest, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay in the
chair.  Maybe next year, I'll plan to take Friday off before this one!

Conditions on the low bands were just awesome!  How do I know that?  I was
actually able to work a lot of stuff with my less-than-optimal antennas.  The
most amazing QSO was a lonely XV9AZ (QRP 5 Watts) on 40 long path.  He was an
honest S9!

And I still can't believe 50 mults on top band!  It took me YEARS to work my
first 50 countries on 160, and I just duplicated the feat in 48 hours.  I would
have worked several more if I hadn't slept so much (and missed Sunday sunrise!).
 With such incredible conditions, I wonder what the high water mult total will
be--way over 500, I'm sure.

Thanks to all the DX that gets on for this one!


Tim Totten, N4GN
n4gn at n4gn.com

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