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Mon Feb 23 22:52:34 EST 2004

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: K5GO
Operator(s): W0JOE, K5ALU, K5GO, K5LG, KM5G, N5DX, N5XR
Station: K5GO

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  136    62
   80:  364    87
   40: 1233   115
   20:  934   116
   15: 1395   120
   10:  403    89
Total: 4465   589  Total Score = 7,889,655

Club: Ozark Contest Club


Setup as follows:

160   Omni 6+    Harris 8877 Amp      Shunt fed (15M) tower
80    Icom 765   BTI (3-1000Z)        Bobtail NE/SW and a 1/4 wave vertical
40    Icom 765   AL-1500              3L42'Yagi at 150'
20    Icom 765   4-1000A              5L48'Yagi at 120'
15    Icom 765   Drake L-4B           7L56'Yagi at 90'
10    Icom 765   Drake L-7            6L37'Yagi at 70'

NA Software that works flawlessly.

Sorry that some of the regulars - N5OE, K0VBU and K0OU - could not make it this
time.  We missed you guys!  Thanks to both W0JOE for staying up all night Friday
and to N5XR for staying up with me on Saturday night.  We had four operators who
were there for the entire time and three others who were part time.  Fortunately
the low bands were good since we were short on operators, and I didn't get too
bored or tired with only 6 hours of sleep since 5:00AM Friday morning.  

No major problems...Northeast Beverage did not work until it was fixed on
Saturday afternoon.  Sorry if we could not hear you on Friday night. Thought we
heard pretty well on 160M on Saturday night with the beverage working.  Some
critter had gnawed the coax at the feedpoint. The amplifier on 20M went South on
Sunday morning but we used the BTI from 80M for the rest of the contest.  

We played musical chairs a lot and even had a little SO2/3R going on at times 
with the chairs rolling from one station to the other.  Early Sunday morning we
really had it "cookin" on 15M.  For a funny picture go to:


Many thanks for the contacts.  We look forward to the next time, hopefully with
some improvements in the station.  FYI - We are located about 30 miles South of
Branson, Missouri in Northwest Arkansas on a mountaintop.

Stan, K5GO

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