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Wed Mar 10 18:16:15 EST 2004

                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: W5PR
Operator(s): W5PR
Station: W5PR

Class: SOSB/80 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  36     29
   80:  98     56
   40:   0      0
   20:   0      0
   15:   0      0
   10:  76     42
Total:  98     56  Total Score = 16,464

Club: Texas DX Society


I went SOSB 80 but I listed the QSOs from the other bands.  I did 160 the first
night and 80 the second night.  I went to 10 meters a few hours to catch the
small EU opening.  Boy what a switch from extremely tough to king dawg on a
quiet 10 meters!

Mults worked:

DXCC Countries:

160 Meters
8P    9A    CM    CN    CT    DL    EA    EA8   EA9   FM    FY    HA    HB    
HC8   KH6   KL    KP2   KP4   OK    P4    PJ2   PJ7   TI    V2    V3    V4    
VP5   VP9   XE    

 80 Meters
6Y    8P    8R    9A    9Y    C6    CM    CN    CT3   DL    EA    EA8   F     
FG    FM    G     GI    GM    HA    HB    HC8   HI    HK    HR    I     JA    
KH6   KL    KP2   KP4   LX    LY    LZ    OE    OH0   OK    OM    ON    OZ    
P4    PA    PJ2   S5    SP    SV    T9    TI    V2    V4    VK    VP5   VP9   
YU    YV    ZK1/s ZL    

 10 Meters
5U    8P    8R    9A    9J    9Y    CE    CN    CT    CX    D4    DL    EA    
EA8   FJ    FM    FY    G     GI    HA    HC8   HK    HP    J3    J8    KP2   
KP4   LU    OA    OK    P4    PJ2   PY    S5    TI    V2    V4    V5    VP5   
VP9   YV    ZS

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