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Sun Sep 5 05:26:21 EDT 2004

                    Russian RTTY WW Contest

Call: LZ9R
Operator(s): LZ3YY
Station: LZ3YY

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Aitos
Operating Time (hrs): 19

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:   61   305    37
   40:  121   685    58
   20:  244  1620    78
   15:   91   645    49
   10:   12    60    10
Total:  529  3315   232  Total Score = 769,080



TS850SAT   3el. A3s ;1/2 slopers 80/40

Thanks for all QSO's.First time in Russian RTTY.
Never got into rythm this time.Sat morning had
good run with UA on 20 but it lasted oniy an hour.
10m opens briefly and during 0925 - 0940 got some
QSO's there mostly with UA6 and baltic stations.
Had to stop to change bad relay in my home made 
power supply,then got quick 2hr. nap.Late 20m opens
wide into NA,many new stations worked.Most memorable 
QSO's : R1ANF on 40/20 ;YV6BTF on 40/20/15
and being called by VK6HD on 40 at the end!!!
AI9T,K5AM and W0LSD were loud on 15 - Thanks for QSO's

Next weeks will work at new contest QTH.The idea is
to finish house repairs and if possible
to errect two phased 1/4 verticals for 40M and
single linear loaded vertical for 80/40.Will try
to be ready for CQ WW CW 40m effort.Next step is
to prepare two towers ( 15meters each ),and errect 
them if the weather is good enough.My current QTH ( 88meters ASL)
seems like "undergrond" from new place.It is only
5 km. away from home,but is 320meters ASL with
clear shot to all directions.

73 de Nasko,LZ9R

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