[3830] Rus RTTY HG4I SOAB HP

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Mon Sep 6 16:08:17 EDT 2004

                    Russian RTTY WW Contest

Call: HG4I
Operator(s): HG4I
Station: HG4I

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:   56   300    33
   40:  143   905    59
   20:  230  1705    75
   15:  110   905    44
   10:    7    35     6
Total:  546  3850   216  Total Score = 831,600



Well, I lost too many multipliers.... To cath any multipliers I changed many
times band and called without PA (with only 60-75 Watts). To try to compense my
poor signals I turned some times my both TH7DXXs to same direction: it needed
cca. 20-40 seconds.... This way I lost again time.... 
The 80 and 40 m bands had high noice level. Between 7010-7050 MHz "violated" the
splettering from broadcast stations (crossmodulation?) - it was very hard to
copy any stations. In a short "clear time" I heard the surprice: clear copy the
poor, but excellent signals of VK6HD (thanks!). 
On 20 m from 02z I was waiting for LP VK/ZL/OC and "exactly as a train" came
ZL2AMI... The best my multiplier: R1ANF (with 70W, after 3 minutes calling
>From here the 15 m band opening was poor, indeed. I passed South American
multipliers. But YB5BO produced extremly big sigs continously from morning to
early evening (local time). 
I'm glad for any 10 m QSOs.

Thanks for all QSOs, 73!

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