[3830] ARRL 10 KD3GC SO Mixed LP

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Wed Dec 14 10:29:32 EST 2005

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: KD3GC
Operator(s): KD3GC
Station: KD3GC

Class: SO Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8.5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:  25     10
  SSB:  70     23
Total:  95     33  Total Score = 7,920

Club: South East Contest Club


There seems to be reoccuring threads among contestants this year. Sickness and
S9 line noise. 

I left work early because I wasn't feeling good, with the hopes of getting a few
hours rest before the start. Just before the kick off, there was nobody on the
band. It was very quiet, not what I expected. Made 13 Qs in 2.5 hours, gave it
up for the night hoping for a better tomorrow. Got up early to find the band in
terrible shape. A few stations were fading in and out so fast it was hard to get
any calls. Then I had S9 line noise on and off all day. Finally around 1700z, I
was a least able to work the west coast. 

I had to go to my wife's office Christmas party. That ate up my whole evening.
Woke up Sunday sick as a dog. Couldn't muster the strength to get out of bed.
Mad a few contacts late in the afternoon, but went back to bed. Thought I would
try the last hour of the contest, but the band was closed. There was absolutely
no signals to be heard at 2200z. Threw the switch and stuck a fork in it.

This band still amazes me. Have work to do on antennas for next year.

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