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Mon Feb 21 04:35:14 EST 2005

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: DL3YM
Operator(s): DL3YM
Station: DL3YM

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): ?

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   94    26
   80:  274    41
   40:  470    48
   20:  612    52
   15:  574    52
   10:  102    33
Total: 2126   252  Total Score = 1,607,256

Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association


A highly enjoyable weekend. Having just returned from A6 I decided to take a
rather relaxed approach, but wanted to enter this contest again after a very,
very long hiatus (last time was in the 80s as a teenager when I was still
operating SSB - am wiser now, at least in this respect, hi).
160 was fine the first night, couldn't get much going the second. Missed the
sunrise peak on 80 the first night (as I was on 160) but had a good surf the
second morning there, working CA and CO right around sunrise.
Had decided to start the contest on 40 but left quickly as the band didn't sound
hot. Spent much more time there early Sunday and had good runs high up. In fact
I found that it was much more enjoyable staying away from the highly popular,
yet QRM prone areas of the bands. I am not really sure if this is in fact a good
strategy, at least it helps to avoid frequency fights and adds to the fun for
20 and 15 were excellent both days. Happy to work KG5U on 15, as Dale was the
one who introduced me to real contesting @ NR5M when I spent 6 months in Houston
back in 1988 as a student.
10 was simply amazing. On Sunday afternoon I had a mere 13 Qs and 9 mults there,
so was desperately looking for some mults there. Hit the band at 1630, first
working some new mults from the south (e.g. FL, TX, AL). About 30 mins later the
band got really hot. NQ4I and K5GN were well above S9 then. Almost fell out of
my chair when NM, IA, MO and finally even CA called in. All this happened well
after sunset. Have never experienced anything like this and believe I will
remember the opening for a long time.
Shut down early on Sunday to watch Independence Day on TV. I simply love this
scene where they all use their CW keys to communicate the strategy! CW being
used to save the world, now this is a must for every CW OP, hi !
Tnx all for the Qs and support.

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