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Sat Jul 2 02:48:19 EDT 2005

                    ARRL Field Day

Call: VE6TN
Operator(s): VE6TN
Station: VE6TN

Class: 1B LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    2      6       
   40:   54     19       
   20:  112     53       
    6:           1       
    2:           1       
  432:           1       
Total:  168     81      0  Total Score = 1,536



I went out camping in the Kananaskis Country about 1 1/2 hour drive out of
Calgary into one of the mountain valleys.  Kananaskis is a Provincial Park and
the highest Grizzly population in Canada.  It is also extremely rugged with
incredible scenery!  I took my three youngest boys (ages 14, 12, and 7)with me
on this adventure.  We measured and built a G5RV together.  I then connected it
to an AH-4 antenna tuner that I bought at a recent ham flea market where I had
been told that it "was only used two times" . . . . BULL . . .  It didn't work. 
Good think I brought my trustly old manual MFJ antenna tuner with me.

After erecting the antenna Saturday morning with my boys I got everything ready
to go and then played radio for a while.  The country side scenery and the
opportunity to do some wilderness adventure activities with my boys simply drew
me away from the radio.  Hence, that first day when the band was screaming hot I
did a small bit of operating then went and played Father instead of radio.

Saturday evening my XYL came out and we enjoyed the peace and quiet.  I did a
bit of radio but not too much.  The next morning we had lots of rain and the XYL
took the boys back home leaving me to play radio and work on a good score. 
About 15 minutes after she left, just as I was prepared to be "serious" about
some radio contesting fun, the bands CRATERED!  Where did the propogation go? 
For us up here in the northern latitudes surrounded by mountains in a valley . .
. . well, when the propogation goes it goes.  I spent three more hours on the
radio and worked about 20 more contacts before the end of Field Day.

All in all it was a success.  I had fun teaching the boys to build an antenna. 
I did more than my 200 contact goal.  With a family outing I simply cannot set
my goal too high or I miss out on the more-important activities of doing
fatherly things.  Anyway I personally had a great time, the boys enjoyed their
adventures, and the XYL got a break from the normal.  All-in-all it was a
successful day.

I just couldn't drag my sorry self out of bed to copy the ARRL bulletin for the
extra 100 points, but I did score well on most of the bonus point

See you next year.

73' Barry - VE6TN

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