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Sun Jul 3 11:03:20 EDT 2005

                    DL-DX RTTY Contest

Call: W0ETC
Operator(s): W0ETC
Station: W0ETC

Class: SOAB-6 HP
QTH: Iowa
Operating Time (hrs): 5.75

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:    0     0     0
   40:   39   286    18
   20:  127  1293    47
   15:   13   115    11
   10:    0     0     0
Total:  179  1694    76  Total Score = 128,744

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


The six hour class is nice for people like me who cannot play for 24 hours due
to health and other things.  Unfortunately I could not "cheery pick" the 6 hours
I operated due to other commitments. 

Condition from here into EU were mediocre at best on 20 and bad on 15. As for
10, nothing heard in spite of tuning and CQing.   I could copy stations 300
miles to the East or Northeast working Europeans I couldn't print with all 3
TH-7s aimed on EU.  Frustrating to say the least!  Forty also wasn't very good
due to noise and when the band finally opened from here there were not that many
EU stations to work.

A pox on the stations living in a diferent call area who sent their call without
their QTH call area on the end.  I think it cost me a mult:-(  I alo heard a
couple of tation CQing on top of 14.100 which by the rules seemed to be a no-no.
 As always, read the rules befor the contest.

73 Larry L, W0ETC

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