[3830] IARU OH2W(OH1NOA) SO Mixed HP

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Sun Jul 10 17:07:04 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: OH2W
Operator(s): OH1NOA
Station: OH1PV

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: Salo
Operating Time (hrs): 23,5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:     0    0       0
   80:   257    0      27
   40:   202    0      36
   20:   889    0      55
   15:   171    0      39
   10:    12    0      10
Total:  1531    0     167  Total Score = 753,337

Club: Contest Club Finland



This operation was the first part of WRTC2006 Finnish captain selection
Thanks to my fb support/host team Jouko OH1PV and XYL Raili and Markus OH9MXE.
QTH was same where N2NT and N6RT operated in 2002.

I had problems with RFI. Mark V's 200 watts was too much to keying wires (100
watts would have been ok, but as all six OH candidates had 200wtts we used it),
so on the most bands (and antenna directions, east direction didn't make RFI) I
used my Bencher (plugged to the front key hole of Yaesu) to send all CW,
including CQs, so my apologies, lots of errors made (as internal bug is also a
bit funny) :)

Propagation was good .. the first two hours, then it was a pure pain :)
Congrats to Marko OH4JFN!

FT1000MP Mark V - 200 watts
"WRTC2002" tribander @12m
Windom @11m


(qso totals not splitted to CW/SSB)

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