[3830] IARU W1AW/5 Headquarters HP

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Sun Jul 10 23:13:52 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: W1AW/5
Operator(s): (80-10M CW)  K0OU, K5GO, K5LG, KB0VVT, KC2G, KG0US, KG0UT, KM5G, N5DX, W8YRP (160M - PHONE AND CW) W5OOO, WD5R, N5ECT (80M & 15M  PHONE) W5ZN, K5XK, WB5IGF (40M & 10M PHONE) W5RZ, N5QJ, W5VY (20M PHONE) K5UZ, NL7RQ, WA5NFC, WB5OAQ, AD5IZ, AD5TL
Station: W1AW/5

Class: Headquarters HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   193     26    13
   80:   437    406    57
   40:  1033    339    69
   20:  1241   1338    68
   15:   695    389    28
   10:   225    108    28
Total:  3824   2606   275  Total Score = 6,010,400




All the stations and operators in Arkansas who participated were pleased to have
been given the opportunity to host W1AW for the 2005 IARU Contest this weekend. 
Despite some apparent instances of Murphy hitting a few of the stations,
everyone made a great effort and hopefully we generated some additional interest
for contesting in the state.  There were several operators at several of the
stations who had never participated in an event like this.

80-10 CW was at K5GO.  We had a few new operators visit for the weekend and what
a welcome addition!  We had Rob (W8YRP), a die hard CW man plus a whole family
of "Rich" people including Rebecca Rich (KB0VVT), her father, Dave (KG0US) and
mother, Barbara (KG0UT).  Rebecca sat in the chair for hours on end pounding out
QSOs on both 40 and 20.  The only problem we had was worse propagation compared
to what we expected based on the days before the contest.  Regardless of
propagation, I consider it a personal victory if we go through a contest weekend
and I don't have to heat up a soldering iron.

160M (Phone and CW) WD5R/N5ECT.  This band was handled by the best station and
most dedicated 160M operators in the state.  Glen, W5OOO pulled a ZL out of the
noise and they stayed with it all night long to make over 200 QSOs on 160M in
very noisy conditions. 

80/15 Phone - W5ZN

40 and 10M Phone - Colony Mountain Contest Club - K5BAT.  The original plan was
for them to work 10M Phone only but they had to scramble to cover 40M when we
found out Murphy had struck in several ways at K5EJ, the planned 40M Phone
station, and we had nothing 10 hours into the contest.  

20M Phone - K5UZ
>From all the stations and operators - Thank's for the contacts.  It was fun.


Stan, K5GO

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