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Mon Jul 11 21:36:01 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: K4SSU
Operator(s): NA4BW
Station: K4SSU

Class: SO SSB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 23.25

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   0        9     4
   80:   0       73    19
   40:   0       83    34
   20:   0      921    69
   15:   0      201    42
   10:   0       46    15
Total:   0     1333   183  Total Score = 652,029

Club: South East Contest Club



This is the 2nd IARU contest for me and 1st attempt as a single op. It was quite
interesting watching the propogation move across the globe and how significant
the qrn would be when beaming anywhere towards the hurricane. In fact, I lost
about 45 minutes Saturday afternoon having to walk away for a spell as Mr.
Sparky was just a little too intense and close for comfort. A few hours later
however, stepping outside the shack revealed a perfectly clear nightime sky with
correspondingly improved qrn levels. That allowed for some pretty cool late
night 20m - zero S meter contacts - with VK ZL1 8N2 etc...

The late night entertainment was short lived however, as I was able to put only
96 q's in the log in the last 5 hours :< 

I had configured the station for mixed mode with exactly this type of
expectation but with a really decent start on SSB decided to just to hang on and
ride it out.

Almost had a 6 band result with my friends who journeyed south to TI0HQ but,
they could not get my complete call on 160 - no amp on that band - so we will
settle for 5. Maybe next time.

Thanks everyone for the q's and most especially thank you Dave, the real K4SSU
and Gail for all your wonderful hospitality.  73 Brian NA4BW


the QRN wasWith the exception of the final 5 hours and 1 brief interruption by
some incredibly close

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