[3830] IARU VE7FO SO Mixed LP

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Tue Jul 12 01:19:41 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: VE7FO
Operator(s): VE7FO
Station: VE7FO

Class: SO Mixed LP
QTH: Vancouver
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:    1             1
   80:   65      7      9
   40:   71      6     18
   20:  240     16     46
   15:   20      4     13
Total:  397     33     87  Total Score = 116,580

Club: British Columbia DX Club



After the preceeding days of really good propagation I was very much looking
forward to this one.  Prop predictions were showing 20 open for 8 hours into DL
along with good potential of hours of 15m into S Am and Carib.  Was ready for
the 5 am start and looked at some of the propagation sites.  Oh, oh Aurora
activity = 8.  There goes Eu from VE7.

And indeed, there it went.  Made a total of 28 Eu Qs.  I did manage to snag the
elusive DA0HQ, though.

There were times when I could hear no stations at all in 3 kHz wide chunks of

Don't know where the JAs were.  Only worked 19 of them.  Was nice to hear the
BVxHQ stations on.  Cndx were pretty good into Oceania.  Worked 25 of them.

Most of my Qs were W/VE - 76%.  

Was never able to get any rate going - best hour was 35.  

CW 397 Qs  SSB 33 Qs

I managed to put in about 18 hrs, which is good for me.  The 5 am start makes it
easier as I hadn't been up for 8 hours already as is the case with a 5 pm start.
 I felt that I could have gone on to the end but I quit about 2 hours before as
I figured another 30 Qs wasn't worth it.  This might have been a mistake as I
forgot that there might be quite a few eastern US stations waking up for the
last 2 hours.  Then again, there might not.

So, rather disappointing.  Score is half of what it was last year.  Nontheless,
it always feels good on those occasions when I can get 3-4 Qs into the log in
the same minute.  It's also nice to work those familiar call signs again.

73 and thanks for the Qs (and to W7ZR for his patience in convincing me that he
wasn't WZ7R).


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