[3830] IARU OH6XX M/S HP

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Tue Jul 12 03:33:53 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: OH6XX
Operator(s): OH6XX, OH6MW, OH6GLE
Station: OH6XX

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:    52     5     18
   80:   147    15     30
   40:   347   113     42
   20:   570   491     57
   15:    51    78     21
   10:     0     0      0
Total:  1167   702    168  Total Score = 963,144

Club: Contest Club Finland



First IARU contest in years is behind us now with a field day style station. A
bit mixed feelings after the contest. We set our target to 2000 QSOs and 250
mults. We missed the QSO target just by some 130 Q's but the mult total is
really terrible.

We got a good start to the contest with almost 300 Q's after first two hours. We
wanted to push right in the beginning and made a decision to neglect the mults
outside 20m phone. We didn't have proper station we could use to listen same
band/modes multipliers so we had to use sub vfo of FT1000MP. We should have set
up another station for the inband mults. The problem was lack of usable antenna
for the station. As we had to obey the 10m per mode rule we didn't want to stop
the runs for a single heard mult on 10m or any other band (only one signal heard
on 10m in entire contest). Maybe we should have. We would have lost quite a few
QSO's but then again gained some more multipliers. Difficult to say if that
would have made the score any better.

As we made the decision to stay on 20m in the beginning of the contest we missed
the Saturday afternoon 15m opening. At the time we thought that there are only
few EA5's heareble to us and we decided to wait till Sunday. Again clear

Eventhough we made some clear misjudgements we had great time. Greatest thing of
all was Ari, OH6MW, joining us again after almost a decade. Another good thing
was that nothing broke down. It took us some 8 hours to build the station and
3,5 hours to dismantle it. Next time we know what to expect and what to do

Thanks for the QSO's,

Juha OH6XX

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