[3830] IARU PJ2D(@PJ2T) M/S HP

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Tue Jul 12 12:43:51 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: PJ2D
Operator(s): KZ5D & W5ZR
Station: PJ2T

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
   80:    52           12
   40:   581    36     50
   20:   665   501     70
   15:   357   195     49
   10:   143   247     24
Total:  1798   979    193  Total Score = 2,709,075

Club: Cajun Contest Club



Great contest from a fabulous QTH. This was our first venture as a DX station,
so we had an enormous learning curve. First, it's just impossible to imagine the
size and depth of some of the pile-ups. And with many of the signals at almost
the same level, pulling out the calls takes some time. Second, what ever
happened to the activity on 75 phone? Third, the first hurricane, Cindy, delayed
our arrival by 1 day at PJ2T where we operated. So we did not take the time to
set up 160 receiving antennas and missed a bunch of easy mults and Qs.

As a multi-single entry, we found the 10 minute rule to be more of a frustration
than a help. Perhaps the committee could revisit the rationale for having it.

It was amazing to us as to how well the bands opened up. 10 meters was the
biggest surprise. Maybe we'd all find them "open" if we got on more often and
called a few CQs instead of just listening (or worse, just checking the clusters
to see who's been spotted - if no one is calling a CQ, then no one is spotted).

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