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Tue Jul 12 18:42:35 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: W6/VK2IMM
Operator(s): VK2IMM
Station: K6KM

Class: SO CW LP
QTH: Northern California
Operating Time (hrs): 13

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
   80:   19      41     7
   40:  147     453    18
   20:  298     994    33
   15:   65     193    17
   10:   11      37     8
Total:  540    1718    83  Total Score = 142,594

Club: VKCC



The follwing equipmentent has been used from K6KM station setup:

Rig: FT1000MP (100w)

Ant: 6 towers

80M - Dipole on 100ft tower
40M - 3 ele yagi, low dipole
20M - Stack of 2x5ele yagis with wx0b switch
15M - Stack of 3x4 ele yagis with wx0b switch, 5 ele long boom yagi
10M - Stack of 4x4 ele yagis with wx0b switch, 8 ele monoband yagi

Software - N1MM, 
IF - MicroHam USB interface

This was a planned part time entry as I could physically get to the station only
5 hours into the contest. Propagation to Europe was nearly over by that time
with only a few stations worked from northern part of the continent. I was
impressed with activity level in North America and was very pleased with several
decent runs I had on 20 and 40 mtrs. I was expecting to hear more stations from
South America especially on 15 and 10 Mtrs. Very good runs with JA on 20M before
and after midnight and on 40 M during last 15 minutes of the contest. I was
really pleased with the amount of those 5-point contacts considering that I was
running low power. Unfortunately I had had to retire for more than 2 hours over
night. I am happy with the result and the station performance, this is a bit
unfortunate that you are not given a second chance in a 24 hr contest to pickup
those missed multipliers next morning. So I ended up with lower multiplier count
that what I was expecting.

Special thanks to Bill K6KM and Ginny N6RER for their hospitality and for
inviting me to use their contest station over IARU weekend during my short trip
to California that week.

This was the first time I had operated from North America and this was the fifth
continent I had a chance to operate from. Still need to get on the air from
Africa one day.

Many thanks for all the calls.

Sergey VK2IMM

Note: I will publish more detailed report on my web site later this week.


VK2IMM website: http://sergeysh.idx.com.au
VKCC website: www.vkcc.com

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