[3830] IARU YE0HQ Headquarters HP

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Wed Jul 13 04:08:49 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: YE0HQ
Station: YE0HQ

Class: Headquarters HP
QTH: Jakarta,Indonesia
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:     3            2
   80:     5            3
   40:   176           46
   20:   510    53     62
   15:   341   581     58
   10:     4     4      7
Total:  1035   638    178  Total Score = 1,380,746




We didn't run high power on 160m ,80m and 20m,We prepared 15m,40m,20m.10m
stations all at Saturday morning,Ten meter a bit open with EU when the contest
just begun ,but we planed to concentrate on 20m first, at Sunday 10m Band
condition seemed to be poor, finally we missed a few multiplier on 10m, just
only made 8 QSO's.Conditions on 20m were much better,100 watts was good enough
until the end of contest,only got little problem when contest begun,the Radio
tape's DC adaptor made noise up to S9+ beside the XCVR,40M also good
condition,The only reason we're not QRZing on LSB Mode,because much 
local QRM and split Freq to Region 2 ,so hunting multiplier 
only,it's great worked CX1AA two hours before end of the contest,
15M is the points band , we done till 1730z at Saturday,but Sunday 
afternoon,the condition is poor,anyway we have done our best.We would 
like to express our thanks for have been trusted by ORARI HQ and ORARI 
Jakarta area HQ to conduct this programme,very pleasure can participate this
contest coincided with ORARI's 37th anniversary on 9th July 2005
(1968-2005).Thank's to the organized ARRL,Thanks to Budi YB0HD that has lent the
station and equipments for 15m activity ,appreciate to all friends that have
supported this activity, so that it can be executed well.Thanks to all stations
that has done QSO with YE0HQ. 
We hope that we can see you all again in the next contest  
73's  DE Dudy-YB0DPO.(2005's YE0HQ Contest station coordinator).

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