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Fri Jul 15 23:29:30 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: WX0B
Operator(s): AD5Q
Station: WX0B

Class: SO CW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:    44           11
   80:   104           22
   40:   496           50
   20:   613           63
   15:   412           44
   10:    29           13
Total:  1698    0     193  Total Score = 1,068,062

Club: North Texas Contest Club



No big DX runs. I think that's been said. Coundn't find a JA run on any band but
40, but heard N2IC running them on 20. Lots of zone 08 in the log here. I guess
that's why so few big east coast scores are in the Top-10. Zone 08 counts only 1
point for them. It breaks my heart.

The station improvements are on-going. We replaced the original prototype Stack
Matches with the same blue production grade boxes the rest of y'all are using -
a major milestone. Up 'til now, the ancient prototypes were still in use on 3
bands. We also installed a prototype of a new 3-square switchbox - remotely
switchable between CW and SSB on 80. The SWR went high with power applied, so it
needs some work. The EU Hq stations were hard to work there, but with 40 running
100/hr in my left ear and both bands noisy, well, it was difficult.

We tested SWR on the main stacks late on Friday - too late. The bottom two beams
on 10 were very high and useless, so had only the top antenna. I did 10 meters
mostly barefoot and didn't run much.

With a new 160 antenna and bevs now in 6 directions, this band feels very
different - and quiet. Worked both ZL mults (60 & NZART) and CX1AA - all easily
copyable. There was also a lot of southern hemisphere activity on 80. Since 20
died early, stateside rate on the lowbands helped fill the gap until JA opened
on 40. I really look forward to those bottomless polar runs on 20 - which didn't
happen this year.

It was largely a stateside contest, and there are things I would have done
differently. Jay has a low tri-bander fixed NE that reportedly beats all his
stacks on 3 bands stateside - but it is only hooked up for the SS (instead of
the 160). I think it would have helped work more yummy zone 08's.

There was a problem with the FT1000MP. Jay did the W8JI mod to fix the key
clicks, but now the rig drops the leading dit of his call and I had to correct
everybody who copied what I sent: MX0B. How I wish NA were open source. It needs
a few features, like PTT advance and dueling CQ. I may try N1MM in the NAQP at
home. Past attempts to switch to WriteLog and TR crashed and burned - no way.

I have done thiz contest a bunch of times and thought I knew the strategy by
heart - but most of my contest experience is with tri-banders back home and I am
still in transition.

As always, the hospitality here was great. I thank Jay for the use of his

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