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Tue Jul 19 17:24:10 EDT 2005

                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: OK1KIM
Station: OK1KIM

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  225   104
    2:  600   109
Total:  825   213  Total Score = 303,525



OK1KIM is the regular call of OL4A - remark for the Europeans.

After our last year successfull event - 1st WW-MO we were thinking what to
improve - there was not a chance to do something with our 2m HW - probably more
than enough there and there was no energy to do something with 6m so our 13m
long Yagi had to do. But we decided to give MS operation some try and we
succeeded - making about 10 QSOs each band. It was not important on 6m but on 2m
it added to our LOC number. 
Another goal was to test the N1MM in the heat and it was not a succes - just the
opposite - we have lost at least 32 out of 866 QSOs. We will still try to dig
something out so the numbers can be a bit better.

WX was very nice, but as always there was virtually no contest on 2m and some
activity on 6m.

Let's start with 6m - saturday was very bad, we made 10 MS contacts. In sunday
several of short ESes opened and later in the afternoon there was finally
reasonable opening to EA + I + southern F. As always tremendous JAM from our
local 1st chanel multi MW TV brodcast but we still managed to make 225 QSOs,
best DX was EH8LQ. We were listening for F6IRF - spotted many times on 6m but
his signal never made it to us. He was sitting most of the time on one of the
peaks of TV jam.

2m - Contest started slow as always - we have just heard F6IRF working in G QRP
contest stations we never dreamed of. But the propagation was better than last
year - some "events" came. There was a FAI propagation into the east and we
worked RX3QFM in KO91OO at 1793 km (1114 miles), later some very weak FAI to G
came - and made 3 more long QSOs. after 23 local we played with MS and made a
few contacts, but after Eu midnight everyone was in the bed and without making a
single QSO in about an hour we went too. In the morning - we made another few MS
QSOs to total of 11 MS QSOs here. Around 0700 GMT nice tropo opening to western
F and to G started - For instance F6CTT from IN97HV 1116km-695mi or G4LOH from
IO70JC 1322km-822mi were both booming in at hefty 59+20dB on the meter !!!! (We
were told we did the same), it lasted for about 1 hour and it gave us over 30
QSOs around 1000 km from far away for us rare LOCs. In the morning we finaly
worked F6IFR - he had 216 QSOs compared to our 146 only but the 3 hours long
OK/OM activity contest was still before us so we were optimistic. OK/OM activity
alone brought us nice 254 QSOs. The end was again slow, but exactly 600 QSO
netto without major REG1 contest is after all not so bad. Again very far away
from 1156 QSOs made on 2m in 24 hour REG1 contest 2 weeks ago. How much we
really made without the QSOs "eaten" by N1MM is hard to guess.

The acknowledgemnt of CQ VHF was this year WORSE than previous year, probably
because it was not published on most popular European VHF webs and magazines. We
have made more QSOs because of:
11 MS
30 long tropo
close to last year's 526. The rest i.e. 28 QSOs are on the behalf of very nice
WX - more stations were - as every sunday in Eu active.
Similar to last year - if you draw a map of the worked LOC the SP,OE nad HA ones
are mostly missing - usually not the case in REG1 contests.

Some statistics:
Sum of km pts.: 270 374 km points compare to 197 716 km points from last year.

Average km/QSO: 450.6 our best EVER - any contest. 
ODX        : RX3QFM in KO91OO at 1793 km (1114 miles)
Nr of DXCC : 25 
DXCC       :225xDL    119xOK     42xPA     38xI      26xON     25xF     
             19xG      17xOM     16x9A     14xOZ     12xS5      8xSP    
              7xOE      6xHG      5xUA      5xYU      4xHB      3xSM    
              2xLX      2xUR      1xES      1xGW      1xOH      1xSV    
Nr of WWL  : 109 
WWL        : 40xJO70   30xJO31   25xJN89   20xJO30   20xJO21   16xJN49  
             15xJO42   15xJN99   15xJN69   14xJO60   14xJO40   14xJO32  
             13xJO62   13xJN58   12xJN79   12xJN54   11xJO50   11xJO20  
             11xJN88   10xJO22    9xJN95    9xJN76    9xJN59    9xJN48  
              8xJO51    8xJN39    7xJO61    7xJO33    7xJO01    7xJN98  
              7xJN37    6xJO80    6xJO41    6xJN86    6xJN85    6xJN65  
              6xJN47    6xJN45    5xJO65    5xJO53    5xJO43    5xJO10  
              5xJN68    5xJN55    4xJO73    4xJO02    4xJN75    4xJN64  
              3xJO71    3xJO55    3xJO44    3xJO11    3xJN97    3xJN87  
              3xJN34    3xJN08    2xKO91    2xKN18    2xKN04    2xJO54  
              2xJO46    2xJO45    2xJO23    2xJN78    2xJN66    2xJN38  
              2xJN27    2xJN18    2xJN17    2xJN07    2xIO90    2xIO80  
              2xIN97    1xKP50    1xKP24    1xKP15    1xKO95    1xKO59  
              1xKO29    1xKO02    1xKM07    1xJO94    1xJO93    1xJO91  
              1xJO82    1xJO75    1xJO72    1xJO64    1xJO63    1xJO57  
              1xJO56    1xJO52    1xJN72    1xJN63    1xJN44    1xJN36  
              1xJN29    1xJN28    1xJN16    1xJN09    1xIO94    1xIO92  
              1xIO91    1xIO81    1xIO70    1xIN99    1xIN98    1xIN87  
TOP 10 - quite special due to MS + FAI activity !!!!!
 1. RX3QFM       KO91OO  1793 km
 2. RU3ACE       KO95KG  1771 km
 3. SM2CEW       KP15CR  1758 km
 4. UA3XWY       KO91AJ  1715 km
 5. OH8LRB       KP24HQ  1699 km
 6. SV8CS        KM07AA  1593 km
 7. RU1AC        KP50EJ  1518 km
 8. RX1AS        KO59FX  1493 km
 9. G4LOH        IO70JC  1322 km
10. F8DBF        IN78XD  1292 km

Sum of km pts.: 209 227 compare to our 44 978 from last year.
ODX        : EH8QL in IL38AA at 3 402 km

Nr of DXCC : 31 
DXCC       : 43xDL     35xF      33xEA     28xI      20xOK     10xG     
              4xCT      4xEI      4xIS      4xPA      4xSP      4xUR    
              3xGW      3xIT      3xOZ      3xYO      2xEA6     2xGI    
              2xHB      2xOE      2xON      1x9H      1xC3      1xCT3   
              1xEA8     1xGD      1xGM      1xHG      1xOM      1xSV    

Nr of WWL  : 104 
WWL        :  7xJO70    7xJO61    7xJN11    7xIN94    6xJN69    6xJN01  
              6xIM98    5xJO62    5xJO60    5xJO51    5xJN55    5xJN53  
              5xJM77    4xJO50    4xJO42    4xJN79    4xJM49    3xJO41  
              3xJO21    3xJN45    3xJN36    3xJN33    3xJN23    3xJN05  
              3xIO83    3xIO81    3xIO74    3xIN95    3xIN73    2xKN45  
              2xJO80    2xJO55    2xJO30    2xJO22    2xJN61    2xJN58  
              2xJN54    2xJN44    2xJN35    2xJN34    2xJN04    2xJM68  
              2xJM19    2xIO90    2xIO63    2xIN96    2xIN93    2xIN90  
              2xIN78    2xIN61    2xIN53    1xKN90    1xKN88    1xKN66  
              1xKN44    1xKN34    1xKN25    1xKN07    1xKM19    1xJO90  
              1xJO83    1xJO54    1xJO53    1xJO52    1xJO45    1xJO44  
              1xJO43    1xJO32    1xJO31    1xJO20    1xJN99    1xJN88  
              1xJN68    1xJN67    1xJN63    1xJN59    1xJN25    1xJN24  
              1xJN18    1xJN12    1xJN08    1xJN06    1xJN03    1xJN02  
              1xJM75    1xJM67    1xIO93    1xIO91    1xIO82    1xIO75  
              1xIO72    1xIO70    1xIO62    1xIO51    1xIN82    1xIN80  
              1xIN63    1xIN51    1xIM99    1xIM97    1xIM68    1xIM58  
              1xIM12    1xIL38  

Antennas on 2m
6 x 16 Y (10.5 m boom)
4 x 16 Y (10.2 m boom)
6 x 8 Y (3 m boom)
8 x 6 Y (2 m boom)
4 x 14 Y (7.5m boom)
4 x 10 Y (5.5m boom)
3 x 13 Y (7.5m boom)
If you sum it up you get "only" 391 elements - 35 booms of total length 212m.
Orion + FT1000MP-V into 2pcs of DB6NT TR144H 14MHz version transverters + 7 x
preamp with GaAs ATF trans. +
PPA with GS35b.

on 6m only a single 9Y-13m long @ 16m + IC7400(IC746PRO) + PPA 2xGI7B

Thanks ALL for calling in !
73 !


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