Brian Miller brianmiller at paradise.net.nz
Sat Jul 23 05:30:47 EDT 2005

Hello everyone

The report and full results for the 2004 Oceania DX Contest are now available for viewing on-line at

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and especially Mirek Rozbicki VK6DXI who ended up winning the
Oceania Single-Op All Band category in both the PHONE and CW sections. Overall activity was similar
to that experienced in 2003, despite the 10cm solar flux index dropping from around 110 during the
2003 contest to 90 in the 2004 contest. Compared to 2003, there was around a 21% increase in the
number of logs submitted. The increase in participation appears to have offset any decline in
conditions on the higher HF bands. The increased interest is most encouraging and indicates that the
contest is in good health.

We are currently in the process of arranging the production and distribution of the various
certificates and awards for the 2004 contest.

The 69th Oceania DX contest will be held on the first two weekends of October 2005 as follows:

PHONE Section: 0800 UTC Saturday 1 October to 0800 UTC Sunday 2 October
CW Section: 0800 UTC Saturday 8 October to 0800 UTC Sunday 9 October

The rules for the 2005 contest are the same as those for 2004, and will be published on the Oceania
DX Contest web site at www.oceaniadxcontest.com

Thank you to the members of the Oceania DX Contest Committee and the additional log checking
volunteers (ZL1CT and ZL2AOH) who managed the various tasks for the 2004 contest - a huge effort
involving around 200 person hours. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by
NZART, WIA and the sponsors of awards.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who participated in the 2004 contest and made it such a
success. We look forward to seeing everyone again, along with new entrants, in the 2005 event. Let's
hope for some good conditions and make it the biggest and best Oceania DX Contest ever!

73 from

Oceania DX Contest Committee (ZL1AZE, ZL2BSJ, ZL3GA, VK1JDX, VK2AYD, VK2CZ, VK2FHN, VK3TZ, and

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